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Down Filled Winter Jackets for Winter in Canada

Down Filled Winter Jackets for Winter in Canada

Built for Winter in Canada 

There is no better way to stay warm for the Canadian winter months than with down filled jackets. Canada has a reputation for enduring blustering wind, snow and frigid temperatures. Down filled jackets use the natural properties of duck and goose feathers to insulate. Down is the "fuzzy” part of a feather and when stuffed within layers of 100% nylon shell, they create small air pockets. These pockets trap body heat, keeping the cold from penetrating the fabric. Since the 1940’s when down was first used to line jackets, the military has outfitted those serving in northern climates with these jackets, knowing they offer the best protection against the cold. While synthetics are often less expensive than true duck or goose down, the benefits far outweigh the price tag. In some instances, luxury jackets made with synthetic materials come in higher priced than those with true down fill.

Down vs Synthetic Winter Jackets

Why choose down over synthetic? Down fill is lighter weight and compresses much easier than polyester fibres. However, it is not as water resistant as polyester and takes longer to dry than its synthetic counterpart. That said, down lasts much longer than synthetic insulating material. With proper care, the best down fill jackets in Canada can last 20 years! Investing in protecting yourself over many long, cold winter months is an easy choice with down filled winter jackets. High-end luxury down jackets use a hydrophilic or water-resistant treatment to protect it against water penetration. With this treatment, natural down now has the benefit of synthetic material. 

Buying Luxury Winter Jackets Online

When buying a down filled winter jacket, many consumers start their search online. There are many tips for buying the best down filled jacket online out there; check out blogs of luxury outerwear retailers and online reviews. These are great starting points. Blogs and articles will suggest checking out a down filled jacket’s fill power. The fill power is the level of insulation provided by the jacket, or simply speaking – fluffiness factor. The higher the fill power, the more air a weight of jacket can trap and increase the warmth of the garment. Goose down can provide a higher fill power in down filled jackets, but duck down can also yield a high insulation. Top retailers offer Canadian-made down filled jackets that use duck down. Duck meat and eggs are in high demand, making it easier to acquire feathers to manufacture down fill. This makes the jackets more affordable to both Canadian and international markets. 

The materials of the jacket are an important factor when choosing the right down jacket for you. When buying in store, you can inspect the jacket and ensure no feathers are poking through the exposed side or underneath of the jacket. This means the material is not strong enough to keep the down where it should be – in the lining, keeping you warm! However, online retailers do not have that luxury. Providing Canadians with the best service, free shipping for down jackets in Canada is one feature of outfitters like Arctic Bay. Uniquely, they offer a free swatch service, where you can request a swatch of the jackets you are interested in buying. This provides you with a unique "touch and feel” experience that few online retailers provide.

When buying down filled jackets in Canada, there is no need to settle for anything than the best. Keep warm enough this season to enjoy winter life to its fullest while confidently braving the elements in a down filled jacket.

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